GFIE Pullover Hoodie

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The idea behind God First In Everything ( simple, to use my brand to encourage believers to live positively. In a world where negativity thrives, it is normal to be selfish and put oneself first.

This is why God First In Everything seeks to change this narrative.

God created everyone equal and so he sees us through his eyes of love. Putting God first helps us to see others through his eyes.

When negativity thrives, there is disunity. People become solely focused on themselves.

On one extreme is a bunch of people who do not care about the next person. An indifference that results in loss of unity.

On the other extreme are persons who hurt others by their negativity.

These two extremes come together to create a negativity atmosphere where love cannot exist.

God First In Everything drives a roundabout self-focus that is built on God.

The goal is to create a positive self-awareness that will cause a ripple effect of love around.

This can be achieved by bringing God into the picture a putting him first.

More than a shop, it is a brand.

GFIE carries branded clothing, shoes and accessories that help spread the message of positivity and love.

This is an outlet for this message.

The shop is not the centerpiece, neither are the goods we sell.

The message “God First In Everything” is the centerpiece.

The focus of the shop.

Every other part of the brand drives this message.

What we do.

We use our love for simple yet unique clothing pieces to spread the message of positive self-awareness of love.

Every single tee, every single branded cap or even apron that carries these words “God First In Everything” is simply delivering a message.

The message that putting God first involves God. Involving God means seeing life through his eyes. Through his eyes, we see ourselves in a positive light. Through his eyes, we see others in positive lights.

We realize that the negativity starts from within, so why not start the positivity from within?

This is not about driving a religious agenda.

On the contrary, we seek to inspire self-care and awareness through selflessness.

Funny how selflessness should drive self-care but it does.

When we see others the way we see ourselves, we mirror what we do to ourselves.

We cannot give what we do not have. It is from within that we find the courage to tone down the negativity that is paramount in society today.