God First In Everything - GFIE, LLC - The Beginning

I started a company called, GFIE, LLC. It’s the initials for God First In Everything. I also trademarked the company’s logo which I created.  For the logo, I drew the inner face of a lion, because of my Leo zodiac sign; then I surrounded the lion’s face by the words God First In Everything.  I created this company with the hopes of sending a message to the world,

“Help Stop The Negativity” and that this logo represents “Love”.  

It’s not religiously intended, the message is more of a self awareness that you as an individual choose to be positive first. We are equal in God’s eye.  So my hope is that my message may begin to change the thought process of people in their everyday lives of decision making, but mostly how we approach one another as fellow human beings.  I want to see people respect one another as God intended. I am hoping to start a movement of like minded people that are just tired of not knowing if people are approachable. With God First In Everything being shown or displayed in different ways, just maybe we can help save our world from such negativity. Bottom line, GFIE, LLC is a positive message bearing company with the hopes of healing the world. As the creator of GFIE, LLC, I would like to see the company succeed.  I want to see GFIE on clothing, merchandise: Baby and Toddlers T-shirts, Billboards, and many other avenues where the message can be best displayed. This is my way of contributing to the world.