God First In Everything 4 Life, GFIE4LIFE

God First In Everything 4 Life. The drive is to change our hearts. Throughout life the challenge of how to approach daily decisions, and daily situations are naturally ours regardless of the race, age, or creed. GFIE4LIFE is the lifeline for this critical part of our lives. By adopting God First In Everything 4 Life, we allow ourselves the opportunity that is laid before us to materialize and manifest itself into the positive result you desire. The positiveness of your approach using God First In Everything 4 Life will allow your heart and mind to be without chaos and lead you to greater rewards for yourself.  The result you want will be greater than you would have ever expected. When you and God are on the same path, the whole picture becomes clearer. You and God are one in your journey called life.  Remember Faith without work is the mistake most make. Discipline determines your Destiny not your desire. Keep God First In Everything 4 Life and put the work behind what it is you want. 


Sherod A. Jones